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Miami Collection Agency Service has been a leading Miami debt collector for decades. When it comes to commercial debt recovery, it takes much more than phone calls to ask for payment. In today's fast-moving world, it takes experience and technical prowess to locate, research, and leverage every possible angle in order to get you and your business on track with accounts receivable. Is your bottom line suffering while your debtors delay payments and make excuses? Stop financing your debtor's next unethical business venture. 

Here in Miami, we are flush with our share of bad actors that create debt and walk away. Miami Collection Agency Services is relentless yet professional. Should the matter need to go to court, we have local experience and an extremely large and successful network of litigators who get the job done swiftly.

Been to court already but left holding nothing but a judgment?

We are experts at collecting court judgments. We do what it takes. We get the research done. Our asset research and debt recovery agents have been trained in the latest software and techniques that assure fast payment.

Track your cases/accounts, as well as our collection actions, and your payments in our easy to use online client dashboard. Your dashboard is updated in realtime as events happen. From phone calls to court actions to getting paid, it's all at your fingertips.


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